Wake Up and Smell the Gunfire

stop gun violence

“Why did this latest school shooting happen? ¬†How could it happen? What can we do to stop this from ever happening again?”

Stop your whining America. The rest of the world is tired of listening to it, year after year, tragedy after needless tragedy.

You can cry, you can pray, you can wring your hands in desperation. You can demand meaningless explanations. None of it will help.

Take a hard look in the mirror: You made your glorious Second Amendment bed. Now stop your bleating and either lie in it – or remake it.

Incidents like Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Sandy Hook, New Orleans, and now Santa Barbara will never cease. Get used to it. Dead people are simply collateral damage that you are going to have to learn to accept in the wake of a constitutional¬†anachronism¬†and a population that cares more about it’s guns than its people. The quicker you accept gun violence as a corollary of those choices, the quicker you can stop paying for national therapy.

The rest of the world can only offer you so much sympathy in the wake of continued poor choices such as your inability to pass basic background check legislation.

Let us break it down for you: Handguns have one purpose. They were made to kill humans. And that’s what people are doing with them.

Surprised? Duh.


The Rest of The World.

  1. I would like to stay armed just in case anti gun nuts like you try to take away MORE rights of the American people.

    And abortion kills far more people than guns. People kill people. Guns is just a tool just like a doctor.

  2. John Sanity 05/27/2014, 23:07

    Ahh, abortion and bad grammar to boot… Inseparable ideologically from guns and of course, bibles, no doubt up next… Welcome to the South – where today and a hundred years ago are still the same thing. Let me get this straight, you need the guns so that you can shoot the people who want to take them away, right? Who’s the nut now?

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