Men: The Real Reason You Are Circumcized

Men: The Real Reason You Are Circumcized

Circumcision is genital mutilation, pure and simple. Most countries don’t practice this form of cutting, and unless you have a medical condition called “phimosis” most doctors agree, there’s absolutely no need for it.

If you think it looks “prettier” then what you’re talking about is plastic surgery on a 3-day old baby. Does that make sense? If you think it’s a great preventative measure to stop later disease, then let’s also consider removing women’s breast tissue at birth. This will ensure no future chance of breast cancer.

Any more dumb arguments? I didn’t think so.

Once the foreskin is gone, you can’t put it back. On the other hand, if the man decides at some point in the future that he’d rather be circumcised, then he still has the choice.

So just quit it America. It’s barbaric and unnecessary. And it can ruin your kid’s sex life forever. Parents, let your son decide. It’s his penis, not yours. Please leave it the fuck alone. He’ll thank you one day.

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