Health Care: The Patient Is Already Dead

shutterstock_10128775_crop380wAmericans are brainwashed. We believe everything about our country is “the best in the world” – even in the face of evidence to the contrary, and even though the majority of us have hardly ever been anywhere else. And so, when it comes to health-care we believe the same.

But think about it. If America’s health care is the “best in the world” then why did former Charlie’s Angels star Farrah Fawcet spend most of her time seeking specialist treatment in Germany before she died? And why does the USA only rank forty-second in terms of life expectancy? (Even Cuba and Taiwan have lower infant mortality rates.) And why do most of us buy our drugs from Canada?

“Because they’re cheaper you idiot” you scream. Exactly. Point proven. Is there any point of boasting that your restaurant serves the best steaks in town when they are $80 a plate and only the rich can afford to by them?

obama-healthcareWe do not have the best health care system in the world. And the sooner we come to terms with that and start fixing it, the better.

Obama is trying making the first real effort in many generations to do the right thing. And it’s a colossal task. But the hardest battle is with the general public: Americans are: a.) so incredibly gullible that they have already allowed themselves to be psyched out of the game by believing all sorts of nonsense about “death panels”, and b.) so illogically afraid of the rest of the world that they would commit Harakiri before becoming like them.

It’s pathetic. And I’m embarrassed.

The patient is already dead. Our system has been broken for years. And it needs fixing. At all costs.

  1. America has the best medical in the whole world, just nobody can afford it 🙂 hell from what i have seen the whoel system itself is incapable of accurately diagnosing many things, if you can not even Know (for a fact) what your dealing with, and how to deal with it, mabey were better off without drugging and cutting it all up?

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