Barack Obama: “New Rules” (Bill Maher Watch Out…)

New Rule: Stop saying that the election of a black man or a woman to the highest office in the land “could only happen in America.” Obama’s election is historic in many ways, but the United States is hardly breaking new ground by having a minority leader. The UK elected it’s first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, in 1979, Germany currently has a female Chancellor, and even Pakistan, a rabidly anti-female nation, had a female head of state years ago.

Wanna talk color? South Africa, 1994: The most institutionally racist country on earth during the later part of the twentieth century, a country that still had blacks sitting at the back of the bus (on a good day), relinquished its entire politically protected and racist system known as “Apartheid”, and elected a former “terrorist” – a man they had sent to jail for 27 years for fighting discrimination – Nelson Mandela.Nelson Mandela & Bill Clinton

So let’s stop pretending that there’s something ground breaking going on here. About the only thing that’s truly unique and surprising about America, is that it was so bigoted in the first place.

New rule: Stop being surprised that the rest of the world is ecstatic that we’ve managed to elect a guy with a brain. Why does the world care? Because as the most dominant nation on the planet, the U.S. infiltrates every country on a daily basis with its culture – from Hollywood movies, to McDonald’s & Starbucks, to it’s oil wars and it’s global democratic Jihad. If America’s going to run the planet, the least we can ALL ask for is that we pick a guy who knows the difference between a noun and a verb.

New rule: If you voted Republican – stop pouting at the result. You had it coming. If you didn’t vote for Obama you’re not only a political fool – but you’ll forever be on the wrong side of history – just as your forefathers were then they voted against the abolition of slavery.

  1. let’s hope bill maher sees this.. lol

  2. Very true… the reason most Americans think they are the best country in the world is because they’ve never BEEN anywhere else! They’d have no idea where to find Denmark on a map. Most couldn’t even point to Iraq and we’ve been at war with them for years. It’s incredibly arrogant.

  3. It’s true! I heard it again on the TV this morning… “ONLY in America could.. blah blah blah…” Talk about navel gazing…

  4. here are a few thoughts from France ( see your east coast ? keep on looking eastward, we’re just across the Atlantic ocean)
    Please, stop beating yourself up !
    you’re arrogant, right, but we, french people, are also pretty good at navel gazing. We often think ourselves as more elevated than the rest of the world.
    and although Barack Obama is not 100% Black, his election still means a lot :
    I don’t think many people in France would be eager to elect a president of algerian descent

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