When Guns Become Household Objects

You GOTTA Be Shittin' me

They used to call it the Wild West. And apparently, not much has changed. Yep, out there in Cowboy Town USA, they teach their younguns how to shoot varmints real early. And in Arizona last week, an eight year old did just that when he shot his father and lodger for reasons that aren’t exactly clear.

What is clear to most of us (although not yet to inhabitants of some more westerly states) is that shootings are one of the obvious risks we insist on keeping guns around like every day household objects. Here here in the United States of America. the second amendment reigns supreme – and so shootings like this remain our collective destiny. No surprise then that the United States has more gun deaths and school shootings than any other civilized nation on earth. And yet somehow, every time something like this happens we act like we’re so surprised. Here’s how it starts out there in Hicksville. Here’s a “dad” who probably belongs in jail.

What’s even more backward however, is Arizona’s desire to try this 3rd grade shooter as an adult – presumably so they can incarcerate him until he’s 18 – and then put him on Death Row and fry him. Because in Arizona, their “hang ’em high” legal system calls 8 year olds “adults”. But only when it suits them.  If he were being molested at this age, they’d be calling him a “child” and “protecting” him from adults.

So this should be an interesting case – since there is some suggestion that this kid could very well be in both camps – a possible victim of child abuse and at the same time a fully aware adult criminal.

Ahh, you just gotta love the bible belt: An intoxicating and seductive mix of guns, Jesus and capital punishment.

So let’s straighten out the logic for Arizona because there’s obviously something in their Kool-Aid:

Either he’s a kid or he’s not. You don’t get to have it both ways. Any attempt to try this child as an adult should be roundly and universally condemned as immoral, hypocritical, invalid, logically inconsistent and constitutionally indefensible.

Yes, the boy has committed a serious crime and he must be dealt with. But let’s be blunt: Arizona – if you engage in this contrived legal schizophrenia and try this juvenile as an adult, you will forever prove that your “old fashioned” values are in fact rotten to the core – further, you are just begging for Federal regulators to legislate your collective asses into the twenty-first century.

  1. Dude, once again you did not do your homework. It is clear you know nothing about firearms, so I’m not surprised you know nothing about the legal system either.

    In 2004, the Supreme Court ruled that people who are under 18 when they commit capitol crimes cannot receive the death penalty, even if they are convicted as adults. This means even if he is convicted of first degree murder as an adult, the kid in this case cannot get the death penalty when he turns 18 or any other time.

    Also it’s interesting how you equate shooting “varmints” with shooting people. Kind of makes you wonder who the violent one really is

  2. Are you the violent one Corey! Cause you seem to know A LOT about guns and the legal system….alittle too much actually.

  3. Chicken, you’re literally one of the dumbest people I have ever seen on the internet… and that is pretty damn dumb. You assert that because Corey has actually taken time to read and learn and understand about something that he is now violent. That is one of the worst arguments I have ever seen… anywhere.

    It does not take a violent person to know the law or about guns. I work in a doctors office, I have a degree, I make a fairly large amount of money, I also carry a gun LEGALLY on my person every day of my life. I have NEVER been arrested, NEVER committed any crime other than speeding (don’t anyone on here lie to me and tell me they have never sped), and I have never committed an act of violence against anyone. It may be hard for you all to digest, but 99% of the gun owning public are responsible citizens who live their lives everyday that same as you do, just with guns at home.

    The main problem is that the only time guns are in the news is when someone does something illegal with them. We never hear about the 1.5 to 2 MILLION times every single year that guns are used to defend someone’s life. By the way, just so everyone is clear… more children die every year drowning in a pool or a toilet or a bathtub than die by accidental shootings. Do your research, and make sure you stop at some websites other than the Brady Campaign to Steal Your Rights or the Violence Policy Center next time, they only have one perspective and unfortunately it is wrong.

  4. So according to Chicken, knowing the legal system means a person is violent. I guess that means lawyers and judges are the most violent people on the planet.

  5. I only hope Chicken was being facetious and sarcastic.. I felt a bit of facetiousness and sarcasm in that post.

  6. I like people. I really do. But I resent people when they cause problems for me, and on that note I found reason to really loathe murrcans the last decade.

    This whole gun issue is one that is exemplary of “let em sort it out themselves” were it not that there are indeed murrcans that demand that yurpians arm themselves as well, because not buying guns empowers criminals – and not importing firearms for home defense is a violation of free trade. So the USians are exporting their value system again.

    I have a counter suggestion. What does it take singular american states (new hampshire happens to be a lousy example in this case) that would secede on this topic – and others? I know obama is the perfect anti secession glue for now, but when would states decide being part of this giant mess is becoming less of a viable option over time?

    Plus, if a state secedes would it receive an equal share of the state debt – or could it make a case that as a state it didn’t create the debt? In the latter argument, secession would be remarkably profitable. EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN of a ‘smaller’ seceding state would dump their share of anywhere between 30K to half a million K of debt over the fence on the union.

    Then create a reliable border, keep out the criminals and and become self sufficient. A border with canada or a port to sea would be a GOOD idea.

  7. You are a moron of the highest degree.

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